by Adrian Rogers

How to Function with Unction
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 2:7

Take your bibles if you have them please, and turn to Genesis chapter two, and we're going to look only at one verse for our text this morning. It is verse seven. Our subject How to Function with Unction.

Genesis chapter two and verse seven. ''And the Lord God formed a man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.'' God created man. A little boy was with his father in the recreated village there in Williamsburg, Virginia and the little fellow was very interested in what was going on and he told his daddy, said, ''daddy, now I know where horses come from.'' His daddy said, ''Oh, where is that?'' He says, ''the blacksmith makes them.'' His dad said, ''How do you know?'' He said, ''I just saw him finishing up one and he was nailing his shoes on.'' Well, now, we would laugh at that. And we'd think the little fellows mighty naive if he thinks that a blacksmith could make a horse. But, I think there's some people more naive than that, who think that all of this just happened. It just happened. Nothing times nobody plus time plus chance. And it all just happened. We reject that. We reject that intellectually, and above all we reject it spiritually because we believe the bible the word of God. And the word of God tells us how man came into being. But, not only does the word tell us how man came into being, the word of God also tells us why man came into being and what man is like. You have to understand who you are to understand how your suppose to function. And you have to understand what you are to understand how your suppose to function because God made you to function. God didn't make you meaninglessly, meaninglessly like some Rube Goldberg invention. You're to function with a purpose. You are to function with unction. That is with a power of God upon you're life. And I believe the clue to that is found in Genesis chapter two, verse 7 wher ...

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