by Adrian Rogers

The Great Debate Between Church and State
Dr. Adrian Rogers
Matthew 22

Today I want you to take your bibles and turn to
Matthew chapter 22 and we're going to begin reading in
verse 15. The title of my message is the Great Debate
Between Church and State. Matthew chapter 22 and
verse 15. "Then went the Pharisees and took counsel
how they might entangle him in his talk and they sent
out unto him their disciples with the Herodians
saying, 'Master, we know that thou art true and
teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou
for any man, for thou regardest not the persons of
men. Tell us therefore, what thinkest thou: is it
lawful to give tribute unto Caesar or not?'" Now, to
give tribute means to pay taxes. Is it lawful to pay
taxes unto Caesar or not? "But Jesus perceived their
wickedness and said, 'Why tempt ye me the hypocrites?
Show me the tribute money.' And they brought unto him
a penny. And he saith unto them, 'Whose is this image
and superscription?' And they said unto him, 'Caesar.'
Then saith he unto them, 'Render therefore unto Caesar
the things which are Caesars and unto God the things
which are God's.'"

It's a constant amazement to me how relevant the
scriptures are to our times. Now friend, when you
read any passage of scripture, if you really want to
get something out of it, ask yourself these three
questions: What did it mean then? What does it mean
now? What does it mean to me personally?

Now, let me tell you what it meant then. They were
trying of course to entrap the Lord Jesus Christ.
They were either trying to get the Lord Jesus Christ
to deny Caesar and say, "I'm not going to pay any tax
money to Caesar, I'm not, my kingdom is not of this
world and I could care less about all of that, just
leave me alone, and make him look like an
insurrectionist and a seditionist and a person who was
a rebel and so forth." Or on the other hand they tried
to get h ...

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