by Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers

Genesis, Chapter 24. You will remember, if you've
been attending here for the last several weeks, that
we are in a series of messages, and we're calling
them Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament. Por-
traits of Christ in the Old Testament. But we've told
you that all of the Bible is about Jesus. The Old
Testament says that somebody is coming. The epistle
say that somebody has come. Uh, excuse me, the Gospels
say that somebody has come. And the epistles and
the revelations say that somebody is coming again. And
that somebody is the Lord Jesus Christ. All of the
Bible is about Christ. Jesus said in the Book of John,
"Search the Scripture," and at that time he was talking
about the Old Testament because the New Testament had
not yet been written. "Search the Scriptures," he said,
"For these are they which testify of Me." And so, when
you read the Old Testament, somewhere standing in the
shadows, you're going to find Jesus.
Now, it's an interesting thing that these Old Test-
ament prophets spoke of Jesus and painted portraits of
Jesus before He had ever come upon this earth. How
would you like to paint a portrait of someone you'd never
seen? That's exactly what these Old Testament prophets
did. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they painted
portraits of Jesus, the One that they had never seen.
Now, we've already seen last week in Genesis, Chap-
ter 22, how Isaac, the son of Abraham, was a type, a
picture, a prophecy, a portrait of the Lord Jesus
Christ. And I don't have time to re-preach that mes-
sage, but I want to tell you that in Genesis, Chap-
ter 22, we saw that Isaac pictured Christ because of,
uh, his miraculous birth that told us of Jesus' virgin
birth. Isaac pictured Christ because of his marvelous
life that reminded us of Jesus' virtuous life. Isaac
pictured Christ because ...

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