by Adrian Rogers

The Gospel According to Isaac
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 22

I want you to turn to Genesis, Chapter 22, if you will. And you will remember that we began two weeks ago, a brand new series of messages called Portraits of Christ', in the New Testament. And I don't know how long we'll go in this series because, actually, we're just digging out of a bottomless well, and we are just inside the door of a fabulous gold mine, and nugget after nugget is here as we're in this, uh, series of messages dealing with Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament. Never make the mistake of thinking that the Old Testament is about something other than Jesus, and the New Testament is about Jesus. Friend, all of the Bible is about Jesus. Somebody says, ''Have you read the four Gospels?'' Friend, I've read all sixty-six Gospels starting with the Book of Genesis and going right on through! It's all about the Lord Jesus Christ! Jesus is the theme of the Bible. Jesus is the hero of the Bible. And if you read the Bible and you don't see Jesus, you'd better re-read it because standing somewhere in the shadows you'll see Jesus is there in prophecy. Jesus is there in illustration Jesus is there in typoloqy. Jesus is somewhere, somehow in the Bible. Now, some of these pictures are very dim, indeed; and some of them are very bright and strong. But they are there and they tell us about the Lord Jesus.

Now Jesus, Himself, taught this concept. This is not something that I'm forcing on the Bible. Do you remember there in Luke, Chapter 24, after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus; and don't turn to it because we're going to have plenty to turn to later on. But Jesus, after His resurrection, was walking alonq with two despondent disciples; and, incidentally, I'm going to preach on this passage tonight, so I don't want to say too much about it. But the Bible says to these people who did not at first recognize the Lord Jesus, that He opened to them the Scriptures,'' and the Bible says that ''He showed th ...

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