by Adrian Rogers

The Gospel According To Joseph
Adrian Rogers
Genesis 37:2

Turn now to Genesis, Chapter 37. We're going to be talking today on this subject, "The Gospel According to Joseph, The Gospel According to Joseph" Now, the Old Testament is full of pictures of the Lord Jesus. We call these pictures in the Old Testament "types," t-y-p-e-s, the Greek word toupoi, uh, which is translated, uh, "examples in I Corinthians, Chapter 10, Verse 11.

"Now all these things happen unto them for examples unto us," or "for types." That is, that tucked away in the Old Testament we have a literal historical happening or story or event or thing, but that, uh, event or happening or thing is a portrayal of a deeper spiritual truth that the Bible calls "examples" or "types." And it's going to be our joy in this new series of messages to explore some of these and to find how God in the Old Testament pointed, painted some marvelous portraits of the Lord Jesus Christ. And let me tell you, incidentally, that when you read the Bible, always look for the Lord Jesus Christ somewhere. It's all about Him. It's His Book. Uh, it's I call it the "other Hymn (Him) Book," because it's about Him, about the Lord Jesus Christ. This Old Testament says- somebody is coming. The Gospels say somebody has come. The epistles and the Revelations say somebody is coming again. And that Somebody is the Lord Jesus.

When you study the Bible, keep your spiritual antennae up. Standing somewhere in the shadows, you'll find Jesus. And I want you to see now the marvelous parallel between the life of Joseph and the life of Jesus because I believe that Joseph is a type and a picture and a prophecy and a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ. We're going to see that as we make this parallel. And let me .just tell you something of the life of the Lord Jesus, and see if you will not agree with me that the Lord Jesus is portrayed in the Bible, first of all, as Son, and then He's portrayed as servant, and then He is portrayed ...

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