by Adrian Rogers

The Mystery Of The Mustard Seed
Adrian Rogers

Take your bibles please now and turn to Matthew chapter thirteen as we continue in this series of bible lessons that we have entitled the strange mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and today the title of our message is THE MYSTERY OF THE MUSTARD SEED, the mystery of the mustard seed or if we want another title we might say the devil's dirty birds and you'll understand why I say that in just a moment. Matthew chapter thirteen and we begin reading in verse thirty one. Now, remember that in Matthew chapter thirteen there's seven parables and all of these parables are called by the Lord Jesus Christ in this thirteen chapter of Matthew the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. And a mystery is something in the bible that you could not understand apart from divine revelation. It is something that with your human wit, wisdom, ingenuity and learning you would never figure out. It is something that God must reveal to you in order for you to know it. And so, our Lord through the use of parables and remember, that a parable is a earthly story with a heavenly meaning and our Lord, through the use of parables has unlocked some deep, deep mysteries, some things we need to understand. And when we understand these things it makes it a lot easier for us to live in today's world because folks, this is a confusing world in which we're living.

For example, we ask ourselves the question, what's wrong with the preacher? What's wrong with the bible? What's wrong with the church that people don't get saved when they hear the message? Well, there may not be anything wrong with the preacher. Remember the parable of the sower. The seed is the word of God, we've already talked about that, but some of it fell on stony ground. And some fell by the way side and some fell among the thorns and there wasn't anything wrong with the preacher. There wasn't anything wrong with the message, but the problem was with the soil upon which the good seed fell ...

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