by Adrian Rogers

The Devil's Bakery
Adrian Rogers

Now, if you have been here for a while you know that we have been in a series of sermons in Matthew chapter thirteen. They're parables and you will remember that a parable is an earthly story that has a heavenly meaning. The word parable means to lay along side of and so our Lord tells a lesson or a story in the physical, material world and then he lays along side of it a spiritual truth. Now, as we have already introduced this series of sermons, Jesus calls these spiritual truths the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and therefore we're titling this entire series of sermons the strange mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. We all love a mystery story, but now in the bible a mystery is a spiritual truth that you could only know by divine revelation. It's something that you couldn't just figure out no matter how intelligent you are. It is something that God would have to reveal to you or you would never know it. And so, these things are so important that we understand them and today we're dealing with the lesson of the leaven. The sermon title that I'm going toe night, THE DEVIL'S BAKERY. And I want you to see what happens here in this strange mystery that we're looking at here in Matthew chapter sixteen and, excuse me, Matthew chapter thirteen and verse thirty three. Another parable spake ye unto them, the kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal until the whole was leavened." Now, that's a mighty short text, but I'll tell you the truth, you're going to have to pray for me that I can get the message that I have on my heart unloaded in the time that we have because there's so much truth in this one verse. Now Let me say that I suppose that of all of these parables this one in verse thirty three is most misinterpreted more than all of the others. It is the most misunderstood, more than all of the others. Now, let me tell you what the normal interpretation is that people give th ...

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