by Adrian Rogers

The Case Of The Counterfeit Christian
Adrian Rogers
Matt 13:24-30, 37-42

Now, take your bibles please and turn to Matthew chapter fourteen. The second in a series of messages on the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. Jesus gave seven parables and these are things, mysteries that we need to understand. A mystery in the bible is a truth that you cannot know apart from divine revelation. In the bible a mystery is a truth that you cannot comprehend with your mind alone. Something you could not learn by observation or by human study. You would have to understand it by divine revelation. And the mystery that we're going to be talking about today is the case of the counterfeit Christian add I want to read to you from Matthew chapter thirteen, the second of these parables beginning in verse twenty four. (read Matthew thirteen, verse twenty-four through 30)

Now, as I said earlier by introducing the television audience not everybody who is talking about heaven is going to heaven according to the old spiritual and it is certainly true. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a Christian. Dr. Vance Habner said many church members have been starched and ironed, but they've never been washed. They have never truly been saved and born again by the spirit of God. Well, what about counterfeit Christians? And what is the truth that the Lord Jesus Christ is telling us in this parable that we call the parable of the wheat and the weeds or the parable of the tares and the wheat? If you'll learn the truths that are here, you're going to find that there will be a truth to comfort you. You will find out that there will be a truth to warn you. You will find out that there will be a truth to instruct you. It'll be a truth to comfort you because when you see all of these false cults and all of these unbelievers and all of these people who are parading under the name of Christianity who don't belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, you'll learn as you study this parable that God i ...

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