by Adrian Rogers

Satisfaction For The Thirsty Soul
Adrian Rogers

In John chapter four we're going to see something and study something that will help you to meet a very real need that you have. I don't know all about you but I know one thing about you, that you have a need in your life, you have a thirst in your life, that can only be satisfied a certain way. Have you ever been out perhaps working in the garden or bicycling or playing touch football or cutting the grass or something and you're very thirsty? And they'll be a box of soft drinks uh, uh, I won't mention any brand names but you drink one and it taste so good and it just seem just I to hit the spot and you go back out to your activity and after a while you're aware that you're thirsty again and you go for another one and you drink that and it seems so good and it seems to satisfying that after a while you thirsty again and then you say I know what--I need and you go back to that good Adam's ale, that water, and you uh, you get you a big tall glass of! water and you drink it and that satisfies you. Now why? Well, if you look at that bottle of soda pop or whatever it is that you've been drinking you'll see that it says artificially colored and artificially flavored and most of us artificially sweetened and there's just something there that doesn't have that touch of authenticity and reality. Now, there are a lot of us who are trying to satisfy and to slake our thirst with things that are artificially colored, things that are artificially; sweetened and artificially and what we need is the water of life, we need to learn how to worship God in spirit and in truth. I'm going to be speaking tonight on this subject, SATISFACTION FOR THE THIRSTY SOUL. Now look here in John chapter four, verse one. Now when the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that made and baptized more disciples than John, Jesus Himself baptized not, but his disciples he left Judea and departed again in to Galilee.

And he must needs go through Sama ...

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