by Adrian Rogers

The Christian's Warfare
Adrian Rogers
Ephesians 6

Alright, take your bibles please and turn to Ephesians please, Ephesians chapter six, thank you Mary Ann and we pray that God will speak now through his word as you've sung so beautifully and reminded us how important it is that we have a word from God, Ephesians chapter six beginning in verse ten, we're going to be talking about the Christian's warfare.' We've already sung onward Christian Soldiers. We've already sung Stand up, stand up for Jesus. Everybody today is afraid about war, they're saying what happening in the Middle East? What does the Russian invasion of Afghanistan mean to us? What about the President's call for the draft? What about the registration of women? I'll speak about that tonight as I talk an the battle of the home, a continuation of this message and I, I want you to be here tonight as we're thinking about the battle for the home because that's one battle front that's raging, fiercely raging today, but friend, will America go to war? What many Americans do not realize is that are already at war, it is an invisible war, an unseen war, that continuing war between light and darkness, between good and evil, between heaven and hell, between Christ and anti-Christ, between God and Satan and the church and the world. 'There is a war, an invisible war and Satan is our adversary and he like a cornered animal has been wounded and frightened is letting loose with everything that he has in these last days and you cannot Afford to be ignorant with this war for to be ignorant is to be unprepared, you cannot afford to try to be neutral for those who do that will suffer the most and this message this morning is a call to arms, the church is not a showboat, it is a battleship and we need to learn this morning some truths about the Christian's warfare and there are four basic truths I want us to see this morning. First of all, I want us to see our adversary and secondly I want us to see our armor, thir ...

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