by Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers
Psalm 23:4

Turn please to Psalm 23. I know that you are familiar
with this wonderful Psalm. And do you know that one of
the great dangers is that we may be so familiar with
the 23rd Psalm that we miss some of the beauties?

One time a botanist was out on his hands and his knees
with a magnifying glass looking down at a little
flower in a pasture. And a big, old brawn shepherd
came and stood behind. And at first the botanist was
not aware that the shepherd was there. And the
shepherd had a smile on his face. To him it was
ludicrous. Here was a man on his hands and knees with
a magnifying glass looking at one little flower. And
when the botanist finally recognized the presence of
this shepherd and he felt a little silly himself, at
first, but then he said to the shepherd, "Here you
come and take a look." And the shepherd kneeled down
and took the magnifying glass himself and looked at
that exquisitely beautiful little heather bell, the
little flower there, and after he did, the tears
popped in his eyes and started to course down his
cheeks. And the botanist said, "Why are you crying?"
"Oh," he said, "I knew they were there, but," he said,
"I just think of how many I trampled under my feet
without really looking at them." I wonder if we don't
do that to some of the more familiar passages in the
Bible. I wonder if we don't need somehow to take God's
magnifying glass and look a little more closely.

I had thought when I first started that I would preach
on the entire Psalm, and then I said, "No, I'm going
to narrow it down to one and we'll just take the
magnifying glass and look at the one verse. But I want
us to at least share the whole Psalm together to get
the one verse in its proper setting.

It begins this way, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall
not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
He leadeth me beside the still water. He restoreth ...

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