by Adrian Rogers

The Windows Of Heaven And The Doors Of Hell
Adrian Rogers

Take your bibles please and turn to the book of the Revelation, chapter two and we'll look in verse eight as we continue a new series of messages on the -seven churches in the book of the Revelation. Tonight the title of our message is this, THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN AND THE DOORS OF HELL. And I'm reading beginning in verses 8 - 11 tonight so now let me just begin. And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write. Now, let me just pause there and say when the Bible speaks of the word or, of the angel of that church and uses the word angel, it is the Greek word that means messenger and it literally means to the pastor of the church. You see, the pastor is the messenger to the church. Angels are God's messengers, but not only are supernatural people angels, natural people may be angel's. You didn't know your pastor was an angel, did you? Well, I'm an angel. And so uh, every church is suppose to have an angel, a messenger, the pastor of that church. And here the pastor of this church was a man named Polycarp, and so the Lord had a special message to the pastor for unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write," now this word Smyrna is a very interesting word. Actually, it's translated uh, other places in the bible. Myr, Myrr, do you remember when the wise men came and visited the baby Jesus? They brought three gifts, didn't they? Gold, Frankincense and Myrr. And it's the same word. It's translated here Smyrna, but it's the same word that's translated there, Myrr and it was a sweet perfume that came from being crushed. It was sort of a aromatic type of perfume that was a balm to be used in healing and sometimes to be used uh, in embalming. Another time that this word is used in the bible, this same word Smyrna that is translated here, actually, the word myrr, is when the Lord Jesus Christ was on the cross. Do you remember the bible says that when he was in agony there, they offered him wine mingled or mixed wit ...

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