by Adrian Rogers

A Profile in Power
Adrian Rogers
2 Kings 2:9

Second Kings, the second chapter, we're talking tonight, we're continuing tonight in a series of messages on what we call the miracles of Elisha. And we're making that relate to the miracle life that every believer ought to live. Last Sunday night we talked about the design for discipleship, and how to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tonight the title of our message is A PROFILE IN POWER. How to receive the power of God for our miracle lives that we're to live.

Second Kings chapter two, and verse nine is the key verse that we'll look at. ''And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, ask what I shall do for thee, before I am taken away from thee.'' Now, if God were to give you a blank check and say, as what you will, what would you ask for? Would you ask for wealth? Would you ask for influence? Would you ask for health? What would you ask for? Elisha had a blank check as it were and this is what he ask for. He said ask what I shall do for thee before I'm taken away from thee and Elisha said I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.

Now, in the last message we found that Elisha was divinely appointed. But it's not enough for the man of God to be divinely appointed. He must also be divinely anointed. In the last message we saw Elisha emptying himself as he left position, as he left possession, as he left parents. But it is not enough for one to empty himself. One must also be filled with the fullness of God, but even God cannot fill that which is already full. And if you want God to fill you, you've got to come to that place that Elisha came to when he allowed God to empty him. -And before you can take hold on God, you must let go of the things of this world. But it's not enough ladies and gentlemen, I want to say again just to let go of the world and unless you take hold of God.

I'm not impressed with anybody who's dead to the world unless that pers ...

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