by Adrian Rogers

This Thing Called Sin
Adrian Rogers

Turn to Romans chapter five, Romans chapter five and let's look in verse twelve. The bible says, wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned. I want to speak to you this morning on this subject, this thing called sin and if ever a age needed to hear a message on sin our sophisticated but sin sick age needs to hear a message on sin. We have almost done away with the idea of sin, the word is so old fashioned to speak to day of sin and so we have taken away the word sin and we've gotten some new words and brought them into our vocabularies, some high-sounding phrased such as error, mistake, misjudgment, weakness, psychological maladjustment, glandular malfunction, a stumble upward, anything but sin and we've gone through the medicine cabinet and we've put new labels on the old bottles of poison and so we have new terminology, no longer is a man a drunkard today he's an alcoholic, no longer is a woman a harlot or a prostitute, today she a call girl or a lady of the evening, no longer is a man a thief, today he is an embezzler and we have Just some how by word tried to change things but they've not really been. changed at all. We have some egg headed people today who with all of their learnedness and intelligence have somehow made sin be of date. There is a school of behavioristic psychology behavioristic psychologist says that man is but the sum total of his environment and of his body chemistry and if he does wrong it's because he's like a computer that has been programmed wrongly and he's not to be blamed if he was raised id a bad neighborhood, stores or smokes dope, after all, he was raised in that kind of neighborhood or if he has a vile temper, perhaps he had an overbearing mother who made him clean up his room and wouldn't let him push his pablum off the high chair when he was a baby and so he may be uh, pitied but he's not to be blamed, he may ...

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