by Adrian Rogers

The Victory of Faith
Adrian Rogers
Hebrews 11:27

Turn please to the book of Hebrews, chapter 11, and we begin our reading in verse 27. Now as we do that, I've spotted Dr. and Mrs. Ramsey Pollard in the congregation this morning-our pastor emeritus and his wife. What a joy Dr. Pollard and Mrs. Pollard, to have you have you here today. We love you and thank God for you. We're delighted you could be here.'' Hebrews, chapter 11, and we begin in verse 27-- Actually we're continuing our message about Moses and the faith of Moses and the victory of faith-the victory of faith. Now we read here in Hebrews, chapter 11 and verse ''By Faith he, that is Moses, forsook Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king. For he endured as seeing Him who is invisible. Through faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood lest that He that destroyed the firstborn should touch them.

And these two more episodes in the life of Moses that deal with the faith of Moses. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the most important thing on earth is to please God. If you please God, it really doesn't matter who you displease. And if you displease God, it really doesn't matter whom you please. And the way to please God is to believe God. No matter what else you do if you don't believe God you can't please God, for the Bible says in Hebrews 11:6--Without faith it is impossible to please Him. Well, why is that? Well, suppose you were to say all matter of nice things about me and if you want to do that, that's alright, but suppose you were to say all matter of nice things about me. And then you were to say,'' But there's just one thing about Adrian Rogers, you can't believe what he says.'' Now, friend, no matter how many nice things you may have said about me, when you say that you have just cut the taproot of my character and if you say you can't believe what 1 say, then it really doesn't make much difference what else you might say about me. You see if a person is not trustworthy, he has no character ...

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