by Adrian Rogers

Building on the Word of God
Adrian Rogers
Nehemiah 8

Take your bibles and turn to Nehemiah chapter eight. Our message this morning is BUILDING ON THE WORD, building on the word. Now, if you've been following along in our messages on the book of Nehemiah remember that we've been preaching now for several weeks on the theme Together We Build. And last week we came to a climax in the story because the walls were completed and all that the dirty devil could do had not stopped the people of God and they did build as God told them to build. And we ended with chapter six.

Chapter seven tells how the people got organized. And how they got all registered, how they got all housed and how they were all fed, and it tells how they had they had wonderful love offering. It ends telling about their love offering and their commitment to Together We Build. It's the last few verses of chapter seven. And a very wonderful offering that they took and how God blessed and how everybody had a part in the offering from the highest to the least, from the more wealthy to those who didn't have much. Everybody had a part and it's a wonderful story, but wait a minute, wait a minute. There they were now, the walls were up, the offering was given, the job was completed, there they were secure, there they were housed, there they were organized, there they were lead, but there was a spark missing. There was something yet that needed to be done. And I thank God for Nehemiah and his crowd that they did not have the monument mentality. They were not interested merely in building the walls. What went on inside the walls was more important than the walls themselves.

The building is not the most important thing. Amen. It's what goes on inside that building that's going to really count; And you're going to find out that God blessed his people with a real, genuine, heaven sent, holy ghost, devil defiant, earth moving, mountain rattling, revival. And that's the kind of revival that I want us to ha ...

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