by Adrian Rogers

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Dealing with Discouragement (1 of 2)
Series: Dealing with Discouragement
Adrian Rogers
Nehemiah 4:6

We are thinking today on the this subject, Dealing with Discouragement and we left off last week with Nehemiah four verse six, verse six ends with a wonderful statement, for the people had a mind to work.

God has given us a great job here. We're together in a program called Together We Build, and by the grace of God, we're going to built a marvelous multi ministry center. This center will provide for hundreds of children, preschools, so mom and dad can come and hear the word of God preached. Also, it will provide space for literally hundreds and thousands we trust of adults who will be able to hear the word of God preached and taught in seminars. Also there will be a media center where books and tapes and video cassettes can be seen and viewed and checked out and there will be counseling center and all kinds of things to help to get the job done. This building is not something extraneous, this building is not something frivolous, it is a tool to help us to get the job done that our Lord is calling us to do. And so, we're in a -program together called together we build and we're asking all of our people to give sacrificially, to pray earnestly and to work tirelessly, to get this job done. And so we have chosen to preach through the book of Nehemiah because I don't know of a better book that parallels what we're trying to do or points out our needs any greater than the book of Nehemiah We said that any work for God is going to be met with opposition from the devil, any work for God. When God's people say, let us arise up and build, the devil will say, let's rise up and stop them. And when God's people have a mind to work, the devil has a mind to wreck. And so, last week we talked about one of the ways that the devil tries to stop the work of God and that is by ridicule. And we spoke last week ion this subject, reacting to ridicule.

Now, today, we're going ...

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