by Adrian Rogers

Victorious Prayer
Adrian Rogers

Would you turn to James chapter four, James chapter four. We're continuing our message, or our series of messages in the book of James. James chapter four, beginning in verse one. I'll wait for just a moment until you find it. Alright, "from whence come wars and fighting's among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not, ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain, ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not." Just underscore that phrase, yet ye have not because ye ask not. I want us to think this morning on the subject VICTORIOUS PRAYER If there's anything that I need to do, that you need to do, that we need to do, that every6ne needs to do, it is to learn how to pray. The man who can pray can do anything, for prayer can do anything that God can do and God can do anything and our desperate need in these days is to link our lives with the omnipotent God who has called upon us and told us to pray. And Jesus said, ask and ye shall receive.

And James says, you have not because you ask not. You don't have a failure in your life but what it is a prayer failure. You don't have a sin in your life but what prayer could have prevented that sin. You don't have a genuine need in your life but that that need cannot be met through fervent believing prayer. Oh, dear friend, how we .need to know how to pray. And in our study in the book of James this morning we're going to be thinking on this subject, VICTORIOUS PRAYER, VICTORIOUS PRAYER. And we're going to study under three headings. First of all, we're going to see the PRESUMPTION OF UN-OFFERED PRAYER. And then we're going to see the PROBLEM OF UNACCEPTABLE PRAYER. And then we're going to see the PRINCIPLES OF UNDENIABLE PRAYER. How to pray so that our prayers can not, will not, shall not be denied. First of all I want you to see the presumption of un-offered prayer. The first two verses, "from whence come wars an ...

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