by Adrian Rogers

Will The Church Go Through The Great Tribulation
Adrian Rogers
Matthew 24

We're speaking tonight on this subject, WILL THE CHURCH GO THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION. Turn to Matthew chapter twenty four and let's look in verse twenty one. Some of the most terrifying scriptures or words to ever fall from the lips of Jesus are these that I'm about to read in Matthew chapter twenty four and verse twenty one. Jesus said for then shall be great tribulation. Such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be.

Now, the Lord Jesus Christ was truth incarnate and Jesus Christ was not given to exaggeration and Jesus Christ speaks of a time so terrifying, so horrible, so awesome that there's absolutely nothing in all of history to be compare to this time that he calls the great tribulation. If you were here with us last Sunday morning you will remember that we preached on the horrors of the great tribulation and we took the book of the Revelation and we opened the seven seals and out of each of the v opening of these seals came a new horror of the tribulation and I wish we bad time tonight to recapitulate and to sum up and redescribe the horrors of the great tribulation but we should never get finished if we did that and so I want us to think just a little bit about this period called the great tribulation.

First of all, I want us to think of the period described. Now, this is a unique period. All Christians have tribulation. Jesus said in this world ye shall have tribulation but this period is not the general tribulation that Christians have, it is a unique time. There is nothing like it. It will be seven years of hell on earth. Now, I wish we had time tonight tell you why we know that the tribulation period will be seven years in length but we have not the time, but we, if you're interested in pursuing this further would you check out the tape, the countdown in the holy land, the countdown in the holy land and there you'll discover ...

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