by Adrian Rogers

The Valley Of Decision
Adrian Rogers
Joshua 8:1-2

Now, turn to Joshua chapter eight. Joshua chapter eight and uh, we'll read the first two verses. Today we're talking on this subject, THE VALLEY OF DECISION, THE VALLEY OF DECISION. Joshua chapter eight and beginning in verse one. And the Lord said unto Joshua fear not neither be thou dismayed, take all the people of war with thee and arise and go up to Ai, see, I have given unto thy hand the kind of Ai and his people and his city and his hand and thou shalt do to Ai and to her king as thou didst unto Jericho and her king, only the spoil thereof and the cattle thereof shall ye take for prey to yourselves, lay thee an ambush for the city behind it.

Now, the same God that gave victory to Jericho or gave victory at Jericho now is giving victory at Ai. Remember now that the children of Israel are possessing the land, they're possessing their possessions and they had marched around the walls of Jericho and then they gave a shout the walls came a tumbling down and then they sinned, they disobeyed the Lord and when the went up against Ai they were not able to take Ai. As a matter of fact, they were defeated and shamed ignominiously they fled before the people of Ai. Then they repented of their sin, they dealt with their sin, they judged their sin and God now says since you've dealt with your sin I've given Ai to you, this other city. And God says something that I want you to particularly note. He says as I gave you Jericho I'll give Ai. In other words the same God who defeated Jericho is going to defeat Ai. But I want you to notice he does it in such a different way. They marched around the walls of Jericho, gave a shout and the walls came down. But this time God says you're going to Ai by a strategy, you're going to take them by an ambush and as you go on and read this chapter you're going to find out what Joshua did was to take a group of men about thirty thousand, put them up in the mountains behind Ai and then ...

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