by Adrian Rogers

The Triumph of Faith
Adrian Rogers
Joshua 5

Turn to the book of Joshua would you please? Now, Joshua is the book of victory and it's the old testament book that describes the new testament victory that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. For Joshua is a picture, a type, an illustration of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, the name in the Old Testament, Joshua is the Hebrew name of our New Testament name, Jesus. It's very interesting isn't it? That Joshua represents and pictures the victory that Jesus can give us. The Lord Jesus is our heavenly Joshua who leads us into the land of promise, the land of fulfillment of the land of victory. And didn't give us a victory last Sunday. How we praise God for miracle day so many miracles that happened in so many ways. There were miracle of attendance. Some did not know what our attendance was last Sunday. We just praise the Lord. We'd asked the Lord to give us four thousand three hundred in bible study by classes and departments and we had over four thousand, four hundred and I just thank God for that. Its a wonderful victory. You know, it was raining all around the city except in midtown. I don't know whether the, the Lord did that just for us or not but I still did appreciate it that it wasn't criminal right here on this building while we were having these services so folks would get in and out and uh, uh, you know I found out that part of the schools were out on the Friday before miracle and some of them were out on the Monday after. Had we known that ahead a time we never would e planned it on that day, but God did it, you did it anyway and there were miracles of physical healing and oh, the great miracles of my precious souls coming to Jesus and how we thank God for the victory that our Lord has given us.

Now, today we want to speak to you on THE TRIUMPH OF FAITH. And turn to Joshua chapter five, beginning in verse thirteen. Joshua chapter five, beginning in verse thirteen. Now, remember the ...

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