by Adrian Rogers

Six Positive Principles for Proper Practice
Adrian Rogers
1 Corinthians 6

Would you take your Bibles please and turn to First Corinthians chapter six. We're preaching through First Corinthians and not every verse, but simply some of the more important factors of the book. And today we are in chapter six.

Now, we're facing a New Year and we trust that this New Year will be the very best ever and some of us have made some resolutions. The problem with too many resolutions is they go in year and out the other. And we need to carry them out. Somebody said that new years resolutions are like babies crying in church. They need to be carried out and sometimes it's hard for us to carry out the resolution that we have made.

But isn't it great and isn't it grand, and isn't glorious that our God is the God of the new start. He came to my desk with quivering lips. The lesson was done. Have you a new leaf for me dear teacher? I have spoiled this one. I took his leaf all soiled and blotted and gave him a new one, all unspotted and into his tired heart I smiled, do better now my child. I went to the throne with trembling heart, the year was done, have you a new year for me dear master, I've spoiled this one. He took my year all soiled and blotted and gave me a new one, all unspotted and into my tired heart he smiled, do better now my child and we want to do better. We've got a new year and we, every one of us I believe want it to be the very best year it can be for his glory and for our good. But in order to do better we need to know how to do better. And so, I want us to think this morning on this subject SIX POSITIVE PRINCIPLES FOR PROPER PRACTICE, that's hard to say, six positive principles for proper practice. That is six principles that will teach us how to decide between right and wrong.

Now, you know that's not as easy as it may sound. Sometimes it's easy to decide between right and wrong because we have the Ten Commandments and the Ten Commandments do not ...

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