by Adrian Rogers

The Chemistry of the Cross
Adrian Rogers

Take the word of God if you will this morning please and open to Romans chapter eight. I want us to think together today on this subject, the chemistry of the cross and we're reading verses twenty eight and twenty nine. We know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them that are the called according to his purpose, to him he did foreknow he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son, that he might be the first born among man.

Our father, we thank you for this word and we pray that you will anoint our hearts as we endeavor to preach it, dear father, not only our hearts, but our minds, our lips, our ears, energize our will to do your will, for Jesus sake, Amen

Sodium is a deadly poison, chlorine is a poison, but sodium chloride compounded together is table salt. Salt is necessary for life. It amazing how the chemist can put together certain elements, and even how nature blends together certain elements, and how the pharmacist sometimes takes certain medicines and certain chemicals that in themselves would be poison. But he puts them by the precise proportions into his crucible and he mixes them and gives to us what could in their own native state cause harm.

I want us to think about the chemistry of the cross. Do you remember there in the fifteenth chapter of the book of Exodus when the children of Israel were coming out of the land of Egypt and they were going on into the promised land, out of the land of bondage into the land of blessing. They came to a place called Mara where the water was bitter and God said to Moses, "Moses, cast a tree into that water." Moses cut down a tree, threw that tree into the water and the bitter became sweet. There was a divine chemistry that turned that bitter experience into a blessed experience and it was when a tree was cast into the water. The cross to me is that tree that transforms all of the bitter experiences on this pilgrim jou ...

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