by Jimmy Evans

The Next Ace Movement
Jimmy Evans

1. More Definitions

-Metaphysics - The principles underlying the study of the supernatural.
*fake laws of kingdom
-Holistic Healing - (self-healing) - Healing techniques and teachings designed to reach the whole man and to motivate the mind and spirit of man to heal himself. (Biofeedback)
*fake healing of the Holy Spirit
-Visualization - The practice of imagining certain events and situations in order to make them become reality.
*fake faith - calling into being those things which are not as though they were
-Human Potential Movement - A worldwide network of people and organizations teaching and supporting a school of thought which believes in the ultimate good and ability of man to solve all of his own problems and to create utopia for mankind
-World omrnt of Cooperati-rn- A- Ame of united cooperation of positive thought around the planet designed to create a positive force of reality strong enough for mankind and the earth to be changed forever
-Purging of Mother Earth - A tire in the near future when the negative forces on this planet will be eliminated in order that positive evolution of the earth and its people can be realized.

2. People Involved in the New Age Movement

-Marilyn Ferguson, Fritzof Capra, Shirley McLaine, Theodore Poszak, David Spangler, Ken Wilber, William Irwin Thompson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ram Dass, Benjamin Creme, Jose Silva, L. Ron Hubbard, Ted Turner, John Dernver, Jose Arguelles

3. The Dangers of New Age Belief in the Church

-These are the m ...

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