by Jimmy Evans

The Problems of Submission
Jimmy Evans

# 1 Problem - The Accuser - ''Satan''

A. He accuses to: Everyone under authority
- i.e. Eve in the garden - Gen. 3
- Convinced her that a perfect God was imperfect
- Had the experience of leading 1/3 of angels down

B. He accuses through: '' Satans avenues of accusation - are you an open target?'''

1. Familiarity - Jesus, his neighbors and family Matt. 13:57

- Miriam and Aaron - Numbers 12:1 Moses Cushite wife
- We must renounce the carnal expectation that God will bypass common and even imperfect humanity to exercise His authority and to do His work!

II. Cor. 4:6 - ''But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all surpassing power is from God and not from us.''

2. Praise - Korah - Numbers 16
- Korah's accusations - You are no better than us. You have set yourself above the assembly.
- Satan's fall - Isaiah 14/Ezekiel 28 = Pride
- Humility = I accept who God has made me to be
a. Not an issue of who's best; it's an issue of who's the authority (David and Saul)
b. You don't submit based on who they are/ it's what they are.
'' No one spiritual enough to oversee me''

3. Jealousy - Pharisees - Matt. 27:18
- Definition of jealousy: intolerance of rivalry/
- Envy - painful or resentful awareness of an advantage with a desire to possess same advantage
- Don't want anyone to have more than ...

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