by Jimmy Evans

His Perfect Love
Jimmy Evans
John 15:9-17

John 3:16 - ''For God so loved the world,...''

John 16:27 - ''...for the Father Himself loves you...

Without a doubt, the word ''love'' is the most misunderstood and abused word in the English language.

The Problems?

1. Love is the most important truth in the Bible (one word)
2. God tries to communicate His love for us through words. When our perception of words has been distorted or darkened, our ability to receive from God is limited.
3. We respond to God and others based on our distorted view of love. (The inferiority of the English language. i.e. Five Greek words for love

1. Agape - commitment of will
2. Storge - family bond
3. Phileo - fond affection
4. Epithumea - strong desire
5. Eros - sexual love

(superiority of Greek language (exact, precise)

Four things about Agape love:

1. Agape love is the foundation for all legitimate love - I Cor. 13
2. Agape love is the most important and powerful force on earth. (Most important issue in church life)
3. Agape love is the core of all of God's ...

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