by Jimmy Evans

A Call For Authentic Christianity
Jimmy Evans
Hebrews 12:26-27

INTRODUCTION: The world we live in is increasingly dangerous. God has promised us (Hebrews 12:26-27) that He will shake everything that can be shaken in order that the unshakable will become evident. Today, we see unprecedented financial failure, marital failure, educational failure and personal failure. The heat of our times is proving the true from the false.

(Soviet Union falling proves anything can happen)

The Fourfold Commitment of Christian Unity

1. A commitment to diligently protect it - (work for it)
- Battle flesh, Satan, apathy and fantasy
2. A commitment to allow the Holy Spirit to produce it
- ''...the unity of the Holy Spirit...''
- definition of unity - ''The quality or state of not being multiple - Oneness

I. Understanding the Possible Sources of Unity:

1. Theunity of the Holy Spirit - (the church) (the family)
- God brings us together for the sake of His kingdom and our best interest
- motivated by a desire to glorify God

2. The unity of the human spirit - (Babel - Genesis 11)
- We unite with others for the sake of a common purpose
- Motivated by the flesh and ego of man

3. The unity of evil spirits - (Judas Iscariot and Pharisees) (John 13:27)
- Satan draws people together for the purpose of destroying God's work and God's people (Herod and Pilate)
- Motivated by a spirit of darkness - evil and ignorance

II. The Three Priority Areas o ...

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