by Jimmy Evans

The Commitment of the Peacemaker
Jimmy Evans
Ephesians 4:3-10

Paul says: Match his level of surrender - ''parakelo''
Match his lifestyle of service - ''Axios''

''UNITY'' - ''Reconcilers - II Corinthians 5''

INTRODUCTION: The ''authentic'' Christian is a person who is committed to and characterized by a spirit of unity. His influence is one of bringing things together. He is ''together'' because of God's work in his life and he brings things together because of God's working through his life.

Three Facts About Unity

1. Unity is God's explicit desire - John 17:11;21 - oneness as a church, oneness with him
2. Unity is God's design for us - (church - I Corinthians 12),(marriage - Genesis 2)
3. Unity is God's delight - (pleases Him) - Psalm 133

The Fourfold Commitment of Christian Unity

1. Commitment to work diligently for it - Vs. 3 ''being diligent to preserve''

- Four things we must work against:

1. Spirit of Apathy-Adamic nature - Anything left alone falls apart.
2. Schemes of the Enemy - (John 10 - steal, kill, destroy, I Peter 5 - be sober)
3. Sinful Carnality - Galatians 5 - ...outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions''
4. Selfish Fantasy - just ''happens'' chemistry not responsibility - Marriage - cleave''

2. Commitment to Central, Essential Issues - Vss. 4-6


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