by Jimmy Evans

Final Victory In Ministry
Jimmy Evans

INTRODUCTION: One of the most important issues of ministry is the area of financial provision and integrity. With God's principles at work, ministry is facilitated and God is honored. Without proper financial understanding, ministry is frustrated and God' s Name and work are often damaged as a result. With these things in mind, we study the seven foundations for financial victory in ministry.

1. VISION - Communicating our Mission
Vision is- Acts 2:17

1. God-given ability to see His extended will for your life/church.
2. A view of the goal.
Vision does- Proverbs 29:18

Two keys to financial miracles:
1. Force us together.
2. Focus on God.
Genesis 11:6 - ''Nothing they purpose to do will be impossible to them.''

2. POSITION - Carefully following God
Faith is a positional force - John 5:19,30

Three questions for financial decisions:
1. Did God say it? (Can I do this by faith?)
2. Is this God's timing? (assurance, circumstances)
3. Is God sovereignly providing? (vs. manipulation)

3. EDUCATION - Clearly Explaining the Scriptures

1. Seed cannot yield fruit until it has been sown.
2. Giving is a major New Testament doctrine. i.e. Gospels contain more warnings against money and its misuse than any other subject.
a. One in every four verses of Mat ...

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