by Jimmy Evans

The Four Requirements For Discipleship
Jimmy Evans
2 Chronicles 7

1. Submitted Ego - ''humble themselves''
2. SUBMITTED EFFORT - ''pray''

- Prayer is one of the- most crucial actions of submission and surrender in the Christian life. Unlike humility, which is the submitting of our Ego or personal identity to the Lord, prayer is the act of submitting our actions and intentions to God.

- Prayer is the surrender of human effort to the

1. approval of God
2. assistance of God
3. atonement of God

- Without prayer, human effort is unsubmitted to God and is executed without divine approval or assistance. That is the reason that God's judgment rightly falls upon the people that turn their hearts away from being disciples in prayer and begin to turn their efforts away from God.

- In desiring to submit our efforts to God and become a disciple of prayer, there are three critical issues that we must successfully address before we can pray as we should. They are:

The Three Critical Questions Of Submitted Effort - (Why people don't pray)
- Luke 9:57-62

1. WHERE IS MY SECURITY? ''...the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head...''
- The ...

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