by David Cawston

Sin Is the Issue
David Cawston
Mark 2:1-12


Put yourself in the picture.
We're in a small sleepy fishing village of Capernaum.
The main road runs through the village.
Beside it and next to the seashore is line of box shaped houses built of stones.
The roofs are made of saplings, intertwined with sand and mud and a tar like substance.
Tiles were overlaid to make a roof about two feet in depth.
One particular house catches our attention.
There are crowds swelling about the house.

In the center of a mass of people is Jesus of Nazareth.
His fame, as a healer, spread like wild fire through the territory.
A few days before, He had healed a man with an unclean spirit in the synagogue.
The news traveled all over Galilee.
Now He could not move without the sick following Him everywhere.
He had left Capernaum for a few brief days, but when He returned, they were waiting for Him.
They wanted to be near Him, touch Him and have Him touch their sickness.

Come inside the house and understand why.
He is preaching.
As we look around the crowd, we are amazed by the mixture of different kinds of people who are listening.

- Scribes who are critical, unbelieving looks upon their faces.
- Newly called disciples, fishermen with a strangely different look about them.
- The rest of the crowd spills through the door and out on the road.

Suddenly, Jesus' message is punctuated by a loud pounding. The ceiling begins to crack open. First a pole is pushed through, causing sand and splinters to come sprinkling down on everyone. Now we see a hand, grasping the edges of the hole and the hole expands. The opening is now several feet wide. Five men on the roof are positioning a carpet like palette over hole. Ropes are tied to the four corners and they begin to lower it into the room. There is a man on this palette. The man is lying very quietly, as if trusting his friends. Now the palette reaches the floor, right in front of Jesus.

The man is a paral ...

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