by David Cawston

Bold Undivided Commitment
David Cawston
Psalm 57:7

Combine these two passages today also: Matt 16:13-26 and Luke 14:25-35


We live in a society of convenience!
Because of that we have a disease of the lack of commitment in our culture

We put 10 things on our plate and they decide as the day goes along which ones we will do.

The church choir director was being driven out of his mind at the rehearsals for the Christmas Choral Concert. It seemed that at least one or more members of the choir was absent at every rehearsal. Finally they reached the last rehearsal and he announced: "I want to personally thank the pianist for being the only person in this entire church choir to attend each and every rehearsal during the past two months." At this, the pianist rose, bowed, and said, "It was the least I could do, considering I won't be able to be at the Christmas Choir Concert tonight.

We are opportunists choosing only those things that we find convenient or desirable at the moment, not committed. We reflect people with no values. We do what we feel like and not what is needed!

How it impacts everything about us!

It impacts our work,

Our finances - paying our debts
We do not believe in delayed gratification by saving an buying!
We buy now and pay later, which is delayed misery!

Our marriages
We marry for self gratifying love and when the cost is higher than the joy we bail.
We do not understand for better for worse commitment!
So now we just live together without getting married playing house without any string attached!

-David Maloof, Redbook writes:

Living together has gained a certain legitimacy in the last decade or two. Fewer eyebrows are raised at the news, and those raised don't go up as high. Possibly it seems more romantic to believe in the bond of the heart, not the law, that marriage less cohabitation suggests. But the most romantic act of all is to know the perils of marriage, and then to get marri ...

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