by David Cawston

Finding My Real Purpose
David Cawston
Ecclesiastes 1-3


If I were to ask you the question, "Who are you as a person?" -- Could you tell me without giving your name, your occupation, or your job title at work? If I were to simply say, "Tell me who you are?" - What would you say?

It's not that your name and occupation don't matter - these are very important and valid identifiers - but there are plenty of people who know their names and occupations - who don't really know who they are at the core of their being.

When you have no purpose for what you're doing, all you have left is routine. Many people trudge to work every day and trudge home every night - with little or no sense of why they do what they do. That is one reason why the 21st Century person is such an empty creature. Legions of modern people suffer from what I call "the same ol', same ol' disease." You ask them how it's going, and they answer, "Oh, you know, same ol', same ol'!" What they mean is:

* Every day they get out of the same old bed,
- go to the same old bathroom,
- to stare in the same old mirror
- at the same old face.

* They go to the same old closet,
- thumb through the same old clothes,
- to put on the same old body.

* They go to the same old kitchen,
- to sit at the same old breakfast table and
- to eat the same old dangerous cooked food.

* They go the same old garage,
- get in the same old car and
- drive down the same old road,
- to the same old office or job.

* They work with the same old people,
- doing the same old thing,
- receiving the same old pay.

* At 5 o'clock, they end the same old work
- and back in the same old car,
- to drive the same old road,
- back to the same old house.

* They hear the same old noise from the same old kids,
- while sitting in the same old easy chair
- reading the same old newspaper.

* They finish their day sitting in front of the same old television
- wa ...

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