by David Cawston

Being Prepared for Constant New Beginnings
David Cawston
Acts 2:1-12


This was a surprise to all when the day of Pentecost was fully come.
To the participant as well as the observer!

The Spirit filled life in God is a life of constant new beginnings and surprises!
Life in the Spirit has a constant newness to it!

Many people do not know the difference between newness and novelty!
Here is the distinction between newness and Novelty in three short statements!
A comparison between God's new things and human novelty!

1. Human novelty fascinates and soon wearies us.
- God's new things refresh and restore us.
2. Human novelty fades and fails.
- God's new things endure and fulfill.
3. Human novelty may excite for a moment.
- God's new things inspire continuously.

There are proponents and opponents that say the experience in the Holy Spirit is superficial.

I am not talking about superficial novelty when I talk about being Spirit filled!
I am talking about learning to walk in God's creativity!
There is nothing superficial about the fact:

-As the waves break upon the shore that there will be no repeated pattern
-There are no duplicated snowflakes or leaves!
-You can live to be 100 and never get tired of new seasons with spring and autumn.

God's creative majesty comes through with a refreshing beauty that is not repetition, there is no redundancy with Him.

God wants a newness to invade the oldness in our lives!

Newness that shakes us lose when we become fascinated in a certain style or habit in our life in Christ.
There are people that do that!
They get stuck in a rut in their spiritual life and practice!

People who are truly spirit filled are people of flexibility and availability to God who finds new beginnings and they begin.

In this case in Acts they began to speak with tongues!
That had never happened before.
It was a new thing.
They are not new things for the sake of novelty. They are new thin ...

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