by David Cawston

Will the Real Father Please Stand Up!
David Cawston
Matthew 6:21

21 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (NKJ)


>> Will the real father Please stand up!

Often today in court people are asking for DNA testing to prove the authenticity of their fatherhood.

Recently I heard of a woman who is pregnant with twins from two different fathers.
This is symptom of great sickness in our society.

It doesn't take anything but the physical equipment to be a father but it takes a hard work and commitment to be a dad.

Do you want to be a father or a "Dad"

On this father's day may we make it instead Dad's day!
God help us be Dad's that are pleasing to you!
Let me share atleast 4 ways this morning by drawing you to 4 contrasting phrases!.

I. Provider or Participant - involvement

Some men have believed the lie that a dads responsibility is only to be a good provider for his family

- Men become workaholics.
- They spend time away from their families because of work.
- They don't go to church because it is their day off and they don't feel that it is important.


There was an amusing bit of dialog some years ago between "Lamont" and "Fred Sanford" on the television show "Sanford and Son." Fred Sanford, (played by Redd Foxx) raised his son Lamont, with only the occasional help of his late wife's sister. In one episode, Fred tries to impress upon Lamont that he made many sacrifices and worked very hard over the years to raise him in the best environment possible. "Didn't you learn anything all these years being my son?" he asks. "Who do you think I'm doing this all for?"

"Yourself," came Lamont's immediate reply.

Fred says, "Yeah, I guess you did learn something."
An article in "Fatherhood in the 90s" stated that Today's young men learn one thing,

"Being a good father is economic."

If you bring home the paycheck or send child support payments on t ...

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