by David Cawston

Being True: A Person of Integrity
David Cawston
Daniel 6


Integrity is a hot issue today!
In a society where people feel like they can't trust anymore, integrity is a big deal.

- It is a big deal for the businessman who is looking for employees he can trust.
- It is a big deal for a church that the looking for Godly leaders they can follow!
- It is a big deal to a younger generation who need good role models the can follow!

The word integrity means "To be complete or whole."

Integrity of steel! No flaws that create weakness!

- It means that when you make a promise you intend to keep it.
- It means that when you say you will do something, that is exactly what you plan to do.

One reason that integrity is at such a premium in our culture is that it is so easy to excuse the lack of it.
We try to excuse ourselves.
When it comes to compromising your integrity you will have a lot of company. "Everybody's doing it," is today's comment!
Another reason integrity is hard to find these days is that it can be compromised in so many different ways, large and small.

Frankie Schaefer tells of a party that was thrown in a community for all of the millionaires and various guests. One wealthy tycoon went up to an attractive lady and said, "Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?" She smiled and coyly said, "Of course I would." He then changed the question and said, "Would you sleep with me for $10?" She replied, "What kind of a woman do you think I am?" The man said, "We've already established that-now we're just quibbling over the price."

WHAT'S YOUR PRICE TAG? God is searching for a few good men and women who cannot be bought, no matter how high the price.

- We compromise it by lying-saying something we know isn't true!
- We compromise it by lusting-inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex.
- We compromise it by loitering-hanging out with the wrong crowd
- We compromise it by looting-taking something that is ...

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