by David Cawston

Accepting Responsibility for My Family
David Cawston
Ephesians 6:1-4

The command of Scripture is to Children to obey their parents.

How many of you know that children are not born with an obedient streak in them.

We've always tried to instill in our children God's desire that they respect and obey their parents. One morning, following an evening of explaining the Golden Rule to my preschool daughter, Katie, I quizzed her. "What's the Golden Rule?" I asked. With a look of exasperation she replied, "I know, I know. You're the mommy!" -Kymberly Nies, El Paso, TX.

Therefore the responsibility is placed upon the parents to bring this about.

While listening to the song "Train Up a Child," my daughter Emily asked me what "train up" means. I explained that it means to teach children about God and the difference between right and wrong. "Are you and Daddy training me up?" she asked. "We're trying to," I said. Emily turned back to the stereo and muttered, "We'll see about that." -Ann W., Bradenton, Florida;

Your children need the right information and right application .

In his autobiography, A TIME TO HEAL, Gerald R. Ford said his parents had three rules: "Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time--and woe unto any of us who violated those rules."

You can't leave them to themselves and expect someone else to teach them. If it isn't you, it will be the TV or their peer group or a secularist educator or someone else out there.

Make no mistake they will learn.

You can't know what is right until you know what God said about it. Our assignment is to instruct our children in how they ought to live under God's authority.

To submit to him. You must then teach them to submit to your authority so they can fully in the future live under God's authority.

One day they will move out from under your authority but they will always be under God's authority.

In the Marine Corps, I was a public-affairs officer assisting the ...

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