by David Cawston

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God's Will and My Choices and Mistakes (6 of 8)
Trying to understand God's Will
David Cawston

When you come to the understanding of God's will there is a profound truth that needs to atleast be grasped!

It is the sovereignty of God!

This is one of the incomprehensible attributes of God!

It is above our finite minds to really comprehend!
We do not know anybody that has infinite knowledge let alone full control over every event so that they know the end from the beginning!

There are those who try to control things to bring about their desired end but are not always successful. There are always unknowns!

But to God there are no unknowns!
He has the ability to give you a freedom of choice and to know your choices before you know then and to bring about His plan utilizing your choices to His end!


That is why He is sovereign!

We say to ourselves that if we make a mistake and get out of the will of God how will we ever get back in.

We think of it like taking a detour on a road map by getting off at the wrong exit and then having to go several miles of side roads to get back on the turnpike!

We got out of God's will and then we had to get back into God's will!
In the mean time you were on your own and God did not know where you were!
No! No! No!

God knew all time where you were and guided you back on the road and will use even the events of the detour for your good!

Well you say then if God knows all, that then everything is God's will!
Muslim way of thinking! Allah Wills!
Illus. Saudi Arabia driving 100 miles per hour!

No not everything is God's perfect will for your life for you have choices and you have to live with the consequences of your choices!
Illus. Marriage and divorce!
I married the wrong person so I will divorce them and marry the right person!
But God knew the choices that you would make and will even work the wrong ones out for your good!

You say then if God knows all of this I am just a pawn ...

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