by David Cawston

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God's Surprises (5 of 8)
Trying to understand God's Will
David Cawston
Genesis 22:1-14

God has surprises for each of our lives constantly!
That is what makes this life of faith so challenging and exciting.

You go to bed at night praying for a friend who is sick. They are a good person and you care for them very much. You awaken in the morning to receive a phone call that during the night they passed away. You are shocked. You really prayed for them. They were just middle aged and they had their life before the. You are surprised by God!

You are working at a job and your diligence has been rewarded by promotions and raises. You love your job. You are making a good living and your family is provided for by wonderful benefits. Suddenly you have an uneasy feeling and restlessness. You think why? Everything is going so well.

Then out of the blue you get another job offer. You didn't seek it, but you have to admit it sounds appealing. There is a sizable promotion and financial rewards involved. But you have to leave friends and family. You seek God! You look to God for direction. You decide to take the job. Three months after you are in this new position you finally realize that you don't fit. This isn't what you expected. You say if I just work harder and give more time it will work out. But it doesn't! And within a few months you have lost your job. His unsearchable, unfathomable and infinite plan that you can't explain, results in your being surprised by God!

In the mystery of God's will we sometimes come to a place where we cannot explain why things turned out the way they did; yet amazingly we are still right in the middle of His will. It is not that you created the problem, it is that God is in the process of surprising His people on a regular basis.

The Bible is replete with stories like this. Yet because we read them with hindsight we don't necessarily see the surprises. Let us look at one of these that is very visible. It is the st ...

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