by David Cawston

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The Process and the Puzzle (4 of 8)
Trying to understand God's Will
David Cawston
Romans 8:28

So much of the confusion in our life goes back to the lack of understanding of God and how He does His work in our lives.

Much of our struggle rests in our will, not His!

I believe that God's will for our life is not so much about taking us from point A to point B as it is about the journey itself!

We focus on the Goal but God focuses on the journey!

Our human tendency is to focus on our calling, on where we should go, how we should get there, and exactly what we should do about it!

God's concern is the process that He is taking us through to mature us and ready us to be more like His Son.

Think of the men and women of scripture who were made aware of their calling, but soon discovered that carrying out that call or arriving at that place of service was extremely convoluted, often surprising and sometimes downright painful!

Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac. That was to be his mission clearly stated and plainly communicated by the Lord. But in the final analysis, God was testing him having other far reaching plans in mind. Surprising to Abraham? Yes! Mysterious? Absolutely!

David was anointed to be king of Israel. That was the stated goal. Samuel said so. But within a short time, David became the object of King Saul's jealousy and wrath. And for a dozen or more years he had to hide and run from King Saul and probably ever wondered if he would see the throne! Unexpected by David? Certainly!

What about poor Hosea? What a scandal his life was. Yet it was the Lord's will that Hosea marry adulterous Gomer and taking her back after continuous unfaithfulness. Another mystery. . ...from another point of view!

What about Joseph? Maligned, mistreated and falsely accused! How could that possibly be God's chosen will for one of his great leaders? Well it was!

What about John the Baptist? Beheaded at th ...

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