by David Cawston

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God Is a God You Can Trust (1 of 8)
Series: Trying To Understand God's Will
David Cawston
Hosea 8:1-14

Introduction: It is impossible for us to fully understand the one whom we worship and adore, whose will we desire to obey. He is infinite. He is also our sovereign Lord. He is full of tender mercy, even though we sometimes question that, given our shortsighted view of life.

Strange as it may seem, our God stays faithful, constant, and ever-present in and over our lives, even when we cannot sense His presence, even when we question his plan, even when we have disobeyed Him, blown it royally and are suffering the consequences.

This is not only true personally but it is also true nationally. A nation can slide into a series of moral compromises that lead to tragic consequences. Those consequences can then escalate to such a degree that everything become chaotic. This happened to the ancient Jews. In fact, Hosea the prophet called it ''reaping the whirlwind''

Hosea 8:7 7''For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: ''

The prophet is describing his people, who had lost their way. Why had it happened? Moses had made it clear when they left Egypt and entered Canaan: ''You are entering a culture that is idolatrous'', He warned them. He told them in effect, ''It is a way of living that is opposed to your monotheistic way of life. Stay true. Stand firm. Be distinct. Don't compromise. No idols. No intermarriage. Remember Jehovah. Obey Him. Watch out for signs of erosion!''

It wasn't long before the Hebrews forgot those warnings. Some kept Canaanite idols. They may have not worshiped them at first. In fact, they probably just tossed them in a corner somewhere for decoration. After all they are just artful carvings. Then one day one of the children started to play with the intriguing little figure. Then they all started to spend more time with the idol. And that led to further involvement.

In fact if you take the time to study ...

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