by David Cawston

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Fight on the Right Battlefield (1 of 8)
Defeating the enemy in your life?
David Cawston
Eph 6:10-13

I watch Christian lead many times defeated lives.
Lives that are insignificantly different than those that people around them that do not know the Lord.
They walk through:
Hopelessness and despair!
Defeat and resignation!
Strife and conflict!
Self-pity and negativism!

I am challenged because when I came to the Lord I expected my life to be different.
In fact I know that it is different and that I am victorious and not victimized by life.

God challenges you to live victorious!

I am not a victim of the enemies schemes and devices against me.
I am not a moving target for Him to take pot shots at at will.
I am a child of God.
A son of the King and if he attacks my life he has to pay a great price of further defeat.

"When life knocks you off your feet, it's time to get on your knees."

I am strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might.

It is not a strength that I have because of anything that I have done but rather it is a strength brought about by the fact that I am a part of His family now and because of who He is the enemy needs to watch out!

I have connections and I see the enemy differently now than I did when I was not a part of the family of God!

God through His Word has let me look at the enemy differently to help me overcome him personally in my life and my world around me.

It was in Virginia, in the House of Burgesses, that the fiery country lawyer Patrick Henry spoke of the coming fight for independence: "There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged. Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable -- and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come! ...Gentlemen may cry, "Peace! Peace!" but there is no peace. The war is actually begun." These words also ring true for the Christian's spiritual battle. In Ephesians 6, Paul describes the confl ...

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