by David Cawston

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True Fellowship with God (1 of 9)
An Epistle of Love
David Cawston
I John 1:1-10

The disciples personally knew Jesus Christ first hand! (read vss. 1-2)

Three years of personal teaching and personal discipleship.
Personal teaching!
Sermon on the mount!

-Seen with our eyes!
Miracles of healing, signs and wonders!
Calming of the turbulent sea!
Raising of Lazarus from the dead!

-Which we have looked at and our hands have touched!
Evaluated and inspected!
Resurrection of Jesus!
Thomas on doubting Jesus resurrection!

They were a bit dense during that time.
But the Holy Spirit brought much to their remembrance.

By personal knowledge they have the authority to speak to us. (read verse 3)
They were there and witnessed all!
Three of the five senses are represented!

--Their purpose is not to bring judgment but rather complete joy!
John does not want this epistle to be an epistle of judgment but rather one of honest self-evaluation to make your joy in salvation really complete!
4 We write this to make our joy complete.

Our joy can only be complete when there is nothing hidden!
There is nothing to be ashamed of!
When our failures are honestly dealt with, faced, and forgiven and our ways changed!

God is Light and therefore everything must be open and visible.
5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

What is the greatest problem we have!

Sin is the biggest problem in our relationship with God!
Sin is what hinders our fellowship!

Our ability to deal with sin causes us to be defeated, play games, hide and try to be self-righteous.

Therefore it is the first issue that we must deal with if we are really going to have true and intimate fellowship with God!

These main verses of this chapter are naturally broken into the following thoughts by the argu ...

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