by David Cawston

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Our Insecurities (5 of 6)
Looking at Life from a Different Perspective
Rev. David Cawston
Luke 12:13-21


Reviewing the last couple of weeks

Everything belongs to God

Everything comes from God

Everything is distributed by God

We don't own anything

How God views all of our stuff

Everything we own is a Tool

Everything is a own is a Test

Everything we own is a Trademark

You can't serve God and stuff!

Stuff rules!

The primary reason that many of us don't really practice this is:

Not because we don't understand it!

Not because we don't love God!

Not because we don't believe that everything belongs to him!

Primary reason many of us don't dive in and open our hands and say God I want to move beyond giving the leftovers

I want really do what your Word says!

The thing that causes us to hold out is our insecurity!

It is because of fear! Our Insecurity! We are just afraid!

What we do is we ask ourselves what ifs!

What if our way out of giving!

What if I don't get a bonus!

What if the stock market goes down!

What if my parents leave everything to my brother!

What if my wife leaves me!

What if I lose my job!

What if, What if, What if . . .

Then when it comes time to give we sort of reach for what is in the wallet and what is left over.

Behind this fear and insecurity is this presupposition that by robbing God I am going to position myself financially so that if there is some sort of financial problem I will be ready for it!

God I really ought to I know I should

What if what if!

Here is something that you will never pray!

When the bottom falls out! Some financial calamity comes upon you!

"Dear Lord, as you can see I am having financial problems, but I don't need you to help me because all these years I have been saving and saving and saving all that money I should have been giving to you ad consequently I really don't need your ...

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