by David Cawston

Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit
David Cawston
Acts 1:4-8

Jesus was refocusing His disciples attention.
- He was focusing them to the task that they had accomplish before His return.
- He challenged them in parables by saying "Occupy till I come".
- He told them of the Holy Spirit that would come upon them and baptize them and as a result of that, they would become witnesses to Him around the world.

The Spirit filled believer has not received the Holy Spirit to be focused upon his life only. He has received the Holy Spirit for the purpose of ministry and witness. To be a spiritual person that walks in the Spirit of God, it is important that we get our eyes off of ourselves.

There are so many things about God that we can not understand by our head knowledge or our own personal edification.

We can only know Him really, when we begin to do what He asked us to do.

Illustration: Faith
- You can read about faith.
- You can study faith.
- You can preach about faith.
- But you do not know anything about faith until you exercise faith.

It is in the exercise of faith, that faith becomes real to you.

Illustration: God's provision
- You can read about God's provision.
- You can teach about God's provision.
- But God's provision does not really become real to you until you obey Him in giving and then you begin to see God's provision.

Illustration: Ministry
- You can read about different kinds of ministries.
- You can do assessment of your own gifts as to what kind of ministry you should be doing.
- You can teach about ministries.
- But you really do not understand ministry and know ministry until do ministry.

Jesus was refocusing the disciples attention, off of the things that would come in His kingdom later on in this world, to move them into experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. They could have spent the rest of their lives philosophizing as to when His kingdom would come.
- They wanted to talk about their coming k ...

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