by David Cawston

Living in Resurrection Power
David Cawston
I Corinthians 15:3-8, 12, 16 and 17


The resurrection is the most important single event in history!

It lifts Jesus Christ higher than any other philosopher, teacher, or spiritual leader.
- Many men over the years of history have shared good truths about life and life after death.
- Many have proclaimed themselves to be prophets and sent from God
- Many have had miracles surround their lives and work.
- Many have died for others
- But only one came forth from the grave and was witnessed by so many.

When it comes to listening to what He said and taught His resurrection gives Him the credentials above all else.

Have you noticed how much concentrated effort has been spent by people to disprove and discredit His teachings and even very existence.

Illus. Time Magazine article of this week: April 8th, 1996
- A group of 50 liberal scholars called the "Jesus Seminar" have over 10 years gathered to vote regularly on the various aspects of Jesus life and ministry.
- One of its members is Paul Verhoeven whose credit as director for the movie Showgirl is far more recent than his PHD.
- Another of its committee is Harvard's Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza has located a feminist paragon who say God as Sophia and Jesus as her spokesperson.
- They claim only 18% of the words in the Gospels may have been spoken by him.
- Before entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Jesus said, "If any one you would be first, he must be last..." The words, says the Seminar, superficially resemble his themes but also reflect church rivalries.
- The seminar says Luke's verses related to the Last supper are so laden with christianizing propaganda they are beyond recovery.
- The seminar voted down Judas' traitorous kiss, believing it to be either unverifiable or a literary device.
- Concerning the Resurrection Jesus rising from the dead was blackballed by the seminar.

What wasted effort on behalf of so called scholar ...

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