by David Cawston

God's Darkest Day
David A. Cawston
Mark 14:10-15:47

The last day in Jesus life is an example of every day. What happened that day exposes the issues of everyday life. The same power play we see dramatized on that historic day when Jesus was betrayed, denied, tried, punished and crucified is played out in our lives right now.

What would we have done, if we had been in Jerusalem then?

What are we doing right now, as Christ is crucified anew in our personal, interpersonal, institutional and social life?

We can look through the gospel of Mark from a distance and see what men did with Jesus Christ.

The issues, which gripped His world, grip ours.
- The same nature in man which resisted Him then , resists Him still.
- The same injustice in society, which broke His heart, persists today.
- The same uncertain vacillation He found in His disciples, is in His church.

Whenever we destroy ourselves with self-justification or self-gradizement we need the cross.

When we need to be forgiven but will not forgive ourselves or another, the cross is there.

When the church becomes inverted upon itself in a private formalized religion, Christ is crucified upon the altar again.

Find yourself in this passionate narrative recorded in Mark. We are all there.

Let us look at this final day and all the participants and see if can discover which one would have been you.

Read Mark 14:10 - 51 and Mark 15: 42-47

I. The secret follower
This first person is never mentioned by name. He is the eyewitness of all that has happened in Jerusalem. He was a member of Jesus secret followers, who formed an underground network in Jerusalem. He was the host of the upper room where the Last Supper was held. The home belonged to his mother, but he made all of the preparations for Jesus' Passover feast with His disciples. He had deployed a sentry with a jar of water near his house. This was a prearranged signal. His servant led the disciples to his home.

O ...

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