by David Cawston

Failure: God's Foundation for Success
David A. Cawston
Exodus 2:11-12, 15

Reed Joseph was adopted as an infant in to one of the wealthiest families in America. He went to an exclusive prep school in upstate New York then headed west after graduation to play for Stanford University. Upon graduation from Stanford, Joseph immediately enlisted in the military. He spent the major part of World War II making bombing runs over Germany and returned home a highly decorated military hero. He then picked up a MBA at Harvard and PHD at Yale. Reed Joseph was a success.

He was the last guy you would expect to be wanted for manslaughter. But that is exactly the charge that would change his life and end his career.

You should know, that the following account is not a piece of carefully crafted fiction. It really happened.

In his early 30's, Joseph decided to make a run at politics. He decided to go for broke and run for the United States Senate.

He won.

33 years old and a United States Senator, once again his string of successes continued. But it all changed when he got on the subway.

After enjoying the premier of a new play on Broadway, he and his wife decided to do something they hadn't done in years. Just for fun, they would take the subway back to their hotel. Little did he know as he descended the stairway to the train, that in just a few minutes his life would be changed forever.

He heard the screams as they were running to catch the waiting train. He turned and saw an elderly Hasidic Jew, wearing the black traditional suit and hat you see so often in New York, being beaten by a guy to be at least 6 ft six and 300 pounds. The old mans face was gushing blood from the relentless blows. In a flash the senator bolted towards the assailant and brought him down with the form that had made him an All-American 20 years prior.

Quickly the assailant was on his feet. Now charging him with a hideous looking pipe in his hand. It was in ...

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