by David Cawston

Mastering the Money Monster
David A. Cawston
Matthew 6:24

Money! It beckons and woes us. It tantalizes and seduces us. It sucks us into its grasp and racks havoc in our lives. And still we deny its sinister power.

A Money Monster. Huh! There is no such thing. Meanwhile we devote our lives
- to earning it
- glorying in spending it
- and lie awake nights figuring out how to stock pile more of it.

We pursue it in inauthentic jobs. And we bow at its feet and salute it’s commands. It has moved from the shadows of American life to the mainstream of American life.

In 1967 college freshman were asked whether it was more important to be well off financially or to discover a meaningful philosophy of life. The vast majority polled chose the meaningful philosophy of life.

In a similar 1986 poll, 80 percent responded that it was more important to be well off financially.

The money monster has been busy working on our culture.
- Hero’s like Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy gave away to Lee Iaccoa and Donald Trump.
- Business school applications skyrocketed, while schools of social work almost shut their doors.
- Lottery participation soared off the charts.
- Young people unashamedly sang along to Madonna’s hit ‘‘Material Girl’’.

What’s fascinating is that, as our financial needs our supplied our appetite for money tends to increase rather than diminish.

When we are physically hungry, we fill our stomachs and then back away from the table, but not so with money.

It seems the more we get the more we want.

The courts of spiritual bankruptcy are filled with men and women who vowed to get serious about their spiritual lives:
- after on one more deal,
- after one more increase,
- after one more level,
- after one more, one more, one more

The money monster’s goal is total domination of our entire value system, without us being aware of it.

We all know the story of the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18-30

18 A certai ...

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