by David Cawston

The Power of a Decision
David Cawston
Joshua 24:13-15


We are on the verge of making decisions for 1997! Many of them will be called New Years Resolutions. Many of them will be business decision, family decisions and goals, financial decision, health management decisions, spiritual decisions.

The greatest power that has been given into the hands of man is the power to make decisions for himself.

Joshua challenged the Children of Israel to make a decision as to whom they would serve.

This was after they had entered the Promised Land. He declared his own choice.

We have the power to: come and go, make friends or enemies, choose good and evil, obey or disobey, change our ways ore remain the same, handle our finances or ignore them, build or terminate our relationships, live or die, etc!

In fact we make over 2500 decisions and an average day. Some important and some not!

We are so impacted with decision making that many have developed a fear of making decisions so as to not make mistakes.

Some are so afraid of making mistakes that they believe that if they hide from a decision that it will go away.

Many times no decision is a decision!

Remember decisions are more that what you say they are what you do.

There is a big difference between intentions and decisions!

Decision are not usually made in a vacuum. They are created by the influences that are around you.
Your culture
Your training
Your beliefs
your family
your friends

What is the Basis of Your Decisions?
What others think
What God Thinks?
What is right or wrong?

But never the less they are your responsibility!
You have to make them and you have to live with them!

Nothing rarely is ever accomplished without clear decisions!
Someone made a decision to Establish Philadelphia!
Someone made a decision to establish your company!
Someone made a decision to build your house!
Som ...

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